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Sharee Stirling - Principal

Sharee is highly experienced in all facets of Dance. Her experience includes performances in Disneyland USA, Star, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Her credentials include a Diploma of Tap Dance Teaching (LGTDA), Teachers Certificate (CSTD - Tap & Theatrical), Teachers Diploma (CSTD - Tap & Theatrical), Jazz Award (CSTD), Modern Jazz 8 and a Bachelor of Education (Primary). Sharee recently co-created the new Comdance (CSTD) Tap syllabus providing a strong foundation of tap technique for students aged 5 through to professional Comdance teacher qualifications. She is a highly motivated enthusiastic teacher who enjoys teaching children of all ages and abilities.
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Kate O'Keeffe
Operations Manager

Kate started dancing at the age of 4 years old and quickly found her passion. She studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. Kate was involved in the Sydney Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, Olympic torch relay ceremonies, School Spectacular and Rock Eisteddfod. As well as having leading and supporting roles with Mountains Youth Theatre and dancing for Mountains Opera in NSW. Kate also recently completed the Queensland Ballet's Petit Pointers teacher training. As a Mum to 3 kids, Kate has a wonderful emotional connection with the students and families and is looking forward to sharing her passion with you all.

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Emma Campbell

Emma commenced dancing at the age of 3 and is a passionate, committed performer. Emma has completed her examinations in the RAD classical ballet syllabus, Comdance Modern Jazz 9, Tapping syllabus, Theatrical and performing arts syllabus, Jason Winters Contemporary 4 and most recently was awarded the blue sash award, an invite only examination. Emma’s performance experience includes Disneyland USA, Disneyland Hong Kong, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines and Merge dance theatre. In 2020, Emma completed her CSTD Modern Jazz certificate and graduated UQ with a Bachelor of Nursing.

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Hannah Lyon

Hannah commenced dancing at Sharee Skye Dance Centre since 2008. She quickly found her love and passion for performing. Since then, she has performed in Disneyland USA, Disneyland Hong Kong, the tours of Grease and The Wizard of Oz, and travelled interstate competing. Hannah has completed her examinations in the RAD classical ballet syllabus, CSTD Modern Jazz, Tap and Contemporary syllabus. For the past 12 years Hannah has been a part of the SSDC eisteddfod team and has loved every part of the experience. Hannah loves to bring her endless enthusiasm to our Sharee Skye family.

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Kesia de Angelis

Kesia has been singing since she learnt to talk, and found a love for the performing arts soon after. Throughout school she took great joy in partaking in every arts curricular she could find, and loves nothing more than helping students find their feet with singing and acting. Kesia joined the SSDC family in 2022 and is also studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science. She is committed to helping students gain confidence in themselves, and sharing her love for musical theatre. When she’s not in the classroom, she can be found at reception and loves being a part of the client services administration team.

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Kelsey-Rose Riachi

Kelsey has been dancing at Sharee Skye Dance Centre since 2008 and has progressed into a dominant teaching role. Kelsey has a significant role working with our Performance Team, she is always enthusiastic and her attention to detail inspires the students to continuously give their best. Qualifications include: Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, COMDANCE Teachers Certificates in Modern Jazz & Tapping, and is presently working towards her full diploma in both genres while continuing her Masters of Dietetics at the University of Queensland.

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Joelle Babuin-Henry

Joelle moved to Brisbane from Vancouver in 2008. She has been dancing since the age of three and teaching Royal Academy of Dance ballet for 30 years in Canada, Australia and Singapore. Joelle has been teaching ballet at SSDC for 11 years. During this time the ballet program has produced wonderful ballet students and improved the students’ performance in jazz and contemporary. Joelle also has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. This degree fuelled her desire to continue studying movement further and she now teaches Polestar mat Pilates and GYROTONIC® .

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Jasmine Meakin

Jasmine began dancing at the age of 3. Jasmine has been performing, choreographing and teaching workshops throughout Australia since 1998.Industry credits include performing and choreographing for Mexican superstar Belinda, performing co-choreographing Mega Jam Instructional DVD’s, RAQ Fashion Awards, Dancer and Choreographer for QLD Reds and Brisbane Broncos Dance Teams, and seven years as a dancer and character performer at Warner Bros Movie World. As a freelance performer, she has appeared in countless video clips, television appearances, fashion shows and night club performances, locally and internationally. If you want to see Jaz in action, her Mega Jam YouTube Channel is currently one of the biggest Hip Hop Choreography Dance Channels in the World!

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Bethany Murray

Beth has been teaching for SSDC since 2018. She trained at the Carolyn Gilby Dance Centre where she gained her teaching qualifications, Full Teaching Diploma in CSTD Tapping, CSTD Jazz Award, RAD ballet Grade 8. She also has a Bachelor of Business Communications in Film and Television Production. Beth has 30 years of dance teaching experience in tap, jazz and ballet, including preparing students for exams in all styles. Beth has a flair for choreography and has years of experience creating routines for both solo and group performances in Australia and USA Disneyland and Universal Studios.

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Lauren Couch

Lauren commenced dancing over 20 years ago at the Carolyn Gilby Dance Centre. During this period her love of dancing and singing lead to her participating in dance concerts, eisteddfods, and overseas performances. Since 2018 she has brought a broad knowledge and versatility to the studio along with teaching experience in many different genres. Lauren’s qualifications include Teachers Certificates (CSTD Jazz, Tap, Theatrical & Performing Arts, and Classical Ballet) as well as Teachers Diplomas (CSTD Jazz and Theatrical & Performing Arts). She has also completed RAD Classical Ballet exams (Advanced 2 and Grade 8).

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Tiarni Shea

Tiarni has been dancing from the age of 4 and started dancing at the Sharee Skye Dance Centre in 2010 when she moved to Brisbane. Tiarni has completed her grade 9 jazz exam, level 5 contemporary exam and advanced foundation ballet exam. Tiarni has a passion for teaching people of all ages and helping them develop their skills. She is currently completing her final year in high school and hopes to continue dancing and teaching following her graduation.

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Sam Windsor

Sam has been dancing since he was five years old. Upon completing his full-time training with Raw Dance Company in 2010, Sam joined Raw Metal the same year. His performance credits include: Project X (Dancer), Western Australia; Bang, Crash Tap (Dancer), Victoria, Tasmania & New Zealand; Untapped (Dancer), New York & Brisbane and Raw Metal Canada Tour (Dancer), Canada. Sam’s passion for tap is infectious and he is known both on and off-stage for his enthusiasm, positivity and professionalism.

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Jessica Savage

Jess has been dancing since the age of 2 in various styles including Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Acrobatics, Tap, Musical Theatre and Contemporary. Jess is a certified Acrobatics Arts teacher. She is currently studying at QUT, whilst also working towards her Modern Jazz Teaching Certificates. Jess has completed examinations in the RAD Ballet syllabus as well as the CSTD Modern Jazz, Theatrical and Performing Arts, and Contemporary syllabi. She has been involved in several productions with Merge Dance Theatre and was a dancer in The Wizard of Oz Arena Spectacular. Her love and passion for dance is never-ending and she is looking forward to sharing this joy with her students as she watches them achieve all of their dancing goals.

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Millie Dymock

Millie began dancing at the age of 7 1/2 at a studio in Singapore, shortly finding her true passion for dance. In 2017, she moved to Australia continuing her dance journey with the SSDC family. Millie is skilled in most styles of dance alongside competing in Eisteddfods. She is currently working towards her final CSTD Grade 9 jazz and tap exams as well as RAD Advanced One ballet. She has lots of motivation and loves to teach younger ones and see them grow into their own self as time progresses. She is hopeful that after school she can commence her Teachers Certificate and become a more skilled teacher for the years to come.

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Mischa Martino

Mischa commenced dancing at the young age of 6 and quickly found her love for the arts. Mischa joined the Sharee Skye dance family in 2017. She continues to grow her love for dance through our classes, eisteddfods and dance concerts here in our studio. Mischa loves working with students of all ages to help them advance their skills and knowledge. She’s currently completing her senior year of high school and plans to continue to keep dancing and teaching after graduating. Mischa has brilliantly adapted to her new role as one of our wonderful dance teachers and hopes to continue to be a role model for our future generation.

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Sonya Petfield

Sonya commenced a passion for the performing arts at a very young age. Sonya started dancing at the age of 6 learning Tap, Jazz and Classical Ballet. She competed in Eisteddfods doing groups and solos and also sat examinations in tap and jazz as well as competing in the gymnastics team.
After high school, Sonya moved into coaching Gymnastics before embarking on her greatest accomplishment, becoming a mum to her 4 gorgeous daughters, one of which are still active members of the Sharee Skye Dance Centre & Lockyer Valley Dance Centre.

In 2019, Sonya completed a diploma of business administration and has redirected her passion for the performing arts into her career in the client services and costume coordination team of both SSDC & LVDC.

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Nanna’, as our little ones refer to her has over 12 years’ experience in teaching tiny tots & pre-school dance and is also a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Nanna has completed her Elementary Gold examinations and holds a strong passion for dance. Nanna is strong believer that no matter what age, dance is a language that can be taught and Nanna, herself is no exception to this rule!

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Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte’s dance journey began in Millmerran. As her passion for dance increased she transitioned to Toowoomba with Mrs Alison Vallette at Dance Central. In 2017 Charlotte successfully auditioned for a position with Toowoomba Ballet Theatre. She worked with multiple teachers in the 5 years, extending her knowledge and performance skills. Charlotte featured in solo and lead roles including, "The Sultan '' in Aladdin and "A Tweedle" in Alice in Wonderland. Charlotte has completed her Cert 3 in Dance with EmpowerDance and is working towards completing a Cert 3 in fitness. She has completed Jazz 8 and 9 SFD exams, Level 2 Contemporary exams and she is also continuing her study with RAD Classical Ballet with Advance 1 exams this year. Charlotte has a passion for Choreography and is enthusiastic to teach her ideas and pass her knowledge onto her students.

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Anna Chaourova

Anna has been dancing since the age of 4, joining Sharee Skye Dance Centre in 2009.Anna has completed examinations in classical ballet, Jazz, and tap, and has studied every genre offered by Sharee Skye Dance Centre. In 2020, Anna completed her CSTD Teachers Certificate in Modern Jazz, and the Acrobatics Arts Program. Anna is committed to inspiring her students and welcoming new students into the Sharee Skye family, ensuring every child feels comfortable and able to develop their passion and love for dance.

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Miles Blanksby

Miles started dancing at the age of 2 and has been dancing at SSDC since moving to Brisbane in 2014. His passion for the performing arts has nothing but grown throughout his 9 years of SSDC classes, eisteddfods, exams and concerts. Miles is currently in Grade 11 and has now completed grade 7 CSTD Jazz, Tap and TPA exams. Miles loves watching students grow as dancers and develop their unique style. He loves the escapism that both dancing and teaching provide from a hectic world. Miles hopes to continue teaching and helping students to the best of his ability.


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