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Do you love to jump, spin, kick and turn?
For a fun, bouncy energetic style of dance, come and join a jazz class. With examinations offered in all levels through the internationally recognised Comdance syllabus, Modern Jazz is the style for everyone!

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If you have always loved gymnastics, cheerleading or tumbling then this is the class for you. With a focus on strength and stretch as well as floor acrobatics, this dance style will suit those with explosive amounts of energy.
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Queensland Ballet Preschool Dance Program
Queensland Ballet’s early years dance program for children aged 2 – 5 years introduces movement through play, enabling young children to explore and interpret the world around them, and to physically make meaning of their everyday.

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Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance, with classes available for students as young as 2 years of age. With examinations offered in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, Classical Ballet is the style for all the little Princes and Princesses.

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Do you love the sound of drums? Would you like to make these sounds with your feet? Tap dancing is a fabulous style for those who love to make rhythmic sounds and noise. Comdance examinations are offered.
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Contemporary is a fusion between classical ballet, jazz, yoga, pilates among many other styles. Contemporary is the most creative of the dance genres with a large variety of contrasting styles within contemporary itself. Choreographed by Jason Winters, the new Comdance contemporary syllabus in conjunction with our fabulous contemporary teachers will take dancers strength and style far beyond the expected.

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Hip Hop
Just like the film clips! If you're after a fun, bouncy, energetic dance style without the technical element then hip hop is for you. Using all the latest hits and moves, this is the dance style for you, for fun, for fitness and the moves of the year!
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Musical Theatre
If you love to sing and act then musical theatre is the class for you. This is the class for you if you have an interest in singing or acting in a musical one day, or just love to portray different characters. Taken in conjunction with Jazz, Musical Theatre is a fun, interesting and exciting class for anyone.


3pm - 7pm

8am - 12pm

Email is monitored regularly five days a week and throughout the day. This is our preferred method of communication.


9/39 Campbell St,
Toowong Q 4066


07 3162 2293


Term 1: Wed 27 January –Thurs 1 April

Term 2: Mon 19 April–Sat 26 June

Term 3: Mon 12 July–Sat 18 September

Term 4: Tues 5 October–Sat 11 December

Saturday 27 November 2021
St Johns Performing Arts Centre
Forest Lake

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