Dear Sharee
Thank you for such a wonderful preschool class today. My little Harriet started dancing at your centre today and loved it. Thank you to the staff for their care and enthusiasm shown to all the young students. Harriet can't wait until next week.
Kind regards

Richard (just turned 16) has been at SSDC for just over 2 years now and although having a slow start socially, due to his shyness, he is now fully embracing the fun and social side of his classes. This is because at SSDC, its not just about pushing the kids to be their best in terms of their dancing like other dance schools; at SSDC, its a lot of fun!   The teachers are very friendly and approachable, they love their work and they love the kids. This creates an atmosphere of security and ease, so the kids can pursue their aims and dreams in an environment that supports them, not threatens them.   Richard has been encouraged and supported to be his best, for himself, not the glory of the dance school. Then, he has been applauded and rewarded for his efforts, whatever they may be.   As a parent, I have been kept informed and included, plus become a small part of the whole performance team. Sharee's grandmother encouraged and organised a group of mothers to participate in dance classes, the end of year concerts, then we tackled the Eisteddfod!   My son and I have only good things to say about SSDC. If you are contemplating sending your child (boy or girl) to a dance school that won't break your bank or their spirits, come to SSDC!  

“I love Sharee Skye because it really gets me moving.  Miss Sharee and Miss Danielle are very nice teachers and I have fun with them”
Lana, aged 7

“I love you for all my life” (with lovehearts drawn as well)
Sophie, aged 4

“Sharee Skye Dance Centre has a great family feel to it.  Our girls, 7 and 4 years old, love attending classes and have made some great friends.  The teachers are both very supportive and disciplined and this brings out the best in the girls”
Deb and Wayne

It has been almost 4 years since my daughter started dancing with the Sharee Skye Dance Centre. Over this time I have been extremely pleased, not only with the level of dancing Kelsey has achieved but with the development of her confidence, fitness, posture and friendships within the school.
At Sharee’s Dance Centre the positive interaction between the students of all ages is to be commended, as it creates an extremely friendly environment to learn in and belong to.

My name is Kelsey, and I have been dancing for 4 years, all of the time at Sharee Sky Dance Centre.
One of the most unique things that the studio encourages, is that everyone is included and there is no negativity.
 I dance four times a week and it is always the best part of my day because it is energetic, friendly and always heaps of fun!
The highlight of my year is when the Sharee Skye Dance Centre participates in Eisteddfods. These events are my favourite, as all the students and teachers bond together and make stronger friendships.
Overall, I certainly know that the dance skills, confidence, commitment and the friendships I have formed will stay with me for a lifetime.
Kelsey, aged 12

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